Waste Watchers

Last week was European Week for Waste Reduction, which aimed to highlight the simple actions we can all take in everyday life to contribute to waste reduction efforts. In light of this, we felt that it would be an appropriate time to remind you of the simple actions that everyone in your organisation can take at work to reduce the number of items that are thrown away and the amount of harmful waste which is generated. How to Reduce Office Waste. Top tips from the Bailey Waste Team: • As far as possible, become a paperless office. Instead of a paper filing system, could you store data on a computer network instead? Not only will this reduce your need for paper, but things will be easier to find too!

• Give priority to email communication, instead of fax or post. Only print out those pages you really need, and change the default setting on your printer to print double sided documents. Where you have to, use recycled paper. Maybe even consider moving to e-invoicing – not only will you save money on paper and toner but on postage too.

• When printing, don’t use full colour unless necessary. Lighter copies use less toner and that means less cost for you and less toxins on the paper when it eventually gets recycled. Remember to give back empty cartridges to the supplier company. Most suppliers have a free post returns service. • Why not keep used office paper that has only been printed on one side in a drawer so you can reuse it for drafts or perhaps make use of different trays in printers for different types of paper?

• Recycle all paper and avoid putting it in general bins.  It is likely that there is a cost to dispose of your general waste, never mind the cost to the environment of sending it to landfill.

• Make use of your website to house promotional company literature and brochures instead of printing hard copies.   • Choose your office supplies with care, giving priority to rechargeable or reusable stationery, recycled or recyclable materials and products that come with a European ecolabel.

• Buy coffee or tea in a large packet rather than in small packs; you’ll produce less waste and you’ll save money.

• Reduce energy bills by buying electrical equipment with good energy efficiency ratings.  Turning off equipment when it’s not being used over lunch, overnight and when you are away from your desk.

• Think about giving used electronic equipment to associations, who can give it a second life. To arrange a free, no obligation Waste Audit from Bailey Waste Recycling or to find out more about our Free Confidential Shredding Service, contact David Taylor at Bailey Waste Recycling on 028 3834 1449, online at baileywaste.com or via email. For more information on European Waste Reduction Week visit www.ewwr.eu