Marketing Your Green Credentials

Does green matter to your customers? And if so, what tools should you use to showcase your efforts to them?

Companies which are seen to be environmentally friendly are often perceived in a more positive light than those who aren’t, and if you have already successfully taken steps to improve the environmental performance of your business, it is likely that you will want to start communicating this to your customers and reap the rewards of a positive public image.

The Benefits to your Organisation

Marketing your green credentials can help your business to:

• Attract new customers who want to purchase from environmentally responsible businesses and increase your sales revenue as a result

• Identify new opportunities to secure media coverage

• Recruit and retain the best staff

• Improve your reputation amongst potential investors and other stakeholders

How to Communicate Your Environmental Performance

Depending on the size of your business, you may wish to select from a variety of formal and informal methods to let your customers know about your businesses green credentials. Below we have listed some ideas for you to consider:

Your Staff –  It is likely that this is how most customers communicate with your business, so train your staff about your green credentials and make sure they tell your customers.

Stationery and Packaging – Use envelopes, letterheads, leaflets to promote what actions you are taking. If you use recycled paper – shout about it.

Your Website – Your website is one of the first places potential customers will go to find out about your business – make sure that they will find up to date information about your environmental policies and credentials.

Environmental Awards – Winning an award that recognises your commitment to the environment can have reputational benefits and generates opportunities for additional publicity.

Publicity – if you undertake a new environmental scheme, win an environmental award, get involved with a charity or develop a green product or service, make sure that your stakeholders hear about it through the local media.

ISO 14001 Accreditation – At Bailey Waste we have recently embarked on the process of obtaining this ISO Accreditation and are already reaping the benefits. To find out more, have a look at our March article ‘ISO – It’s not a waste of time’.

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