‘Tis the Season to Reduce and Recycle

Twelve Tips to Reduce Christmas Waste

Christmas is traditionally a season of plenty – plenty to eat/drink and plenty of gifts, but with all of this festivity and excess comes plenty of extra waste as well. More household waste is created between Christmas and New Year than any other time of the year. In fact, it is estimated that household waste increases by 25% over the festive season. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our twelve tips to reduce Christmas waste below can help ensure that you make waste reduction and recycling your new and easy Christmas tradition!

  • When doing your Christmas shopping, instead of gathering up lots of plastic bags, take reusable bags with you. They are stronger, hold more and don’t end up in landfill
  • When leaving the office before the Christmas holidays, make sure to switch all electrical appliances off completely and don’t leave them on standby
  • Consider giving gifts such as tickets and vouchers, which use less packaging
  • If you’re given any presents that don’t fit or you don’t want, don’t throw them away. There are lots of charities out there who will pass on gifts to people in need
  • Buy rechargeable batteries to go along with electronic toys and dispose of used batteries properly
  • Don’t throw away wrapping paper – reuse it instead. Particularly creased pieces can be used to provide protective cushioning to delicate decorations.
  • Send Christmas cards made from recycled material and make sure to recycle the cards which you receive
  • Buy good quality decorations which can be used year after year and look after them well so they don’t have to be replaced.
  • Instead of using old fashioned Christmas lights which use lots of energy and heat, invest in LED lights which use a fraction of the energy that regular bulbs do.
  • If you’re hosting a Christmas party use real dishes and crockery instead of disposable ones
  • When all of the festivities are over, make sure to recycle your Christmas tree
  • Finally, make a New Year’s resolution to reduce your levels of waste, both at work and at home, and recycle more in 2015. It not only makes environmental sense, it makes financial sense too!

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