Q: What is a Waste Management Audit and why would it help me?
A: It identifies all of your different waste streams and advises you of the most efficient, financially advantageous and environmentally friendly disposal method.

Q: Will my waste be recycled?
A: Yes – our recycling rate is currently 96% of all waste which comes into our Material Recovery Facility.

Q: What is a Total Waste Management Solution?
A: This is where we look after all aspects of a customers’ waste. It offers customers a single point of contact for their entire waste disposal needs.

Q Do I need to sort my waste?
A: In most cases, this will lead to a reduced cost for your waste disposal, so it makes sound financial sense for you. However, our co-mingled recyclable bin means that staff have only 2 choices to make when disposing of their waste – landfill bin or recycle bin! So, it is a very straightforward process and not one that takes up any time. It is just a simple matter of educating staff as to what is permitted in the recycling bin.

Q: Why do I need a confidential document destruction service?
A: To comply with The Data Protection Act 1998, and to protect your business, employees and customers against possible fraud and other criminal acts, you should destroy your old documentation. Many businesses do not realise that they can be fined or even sent to prison if they fail to comply.

Q: Is Bailey Waste’s confidential service secure?
A: Yes, we provide 24 hour video monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, shred-able bags, security tagging and reliable and conscientious staff with full CRB certification. On completion of the job we provide a Certificate of Destruction, detailing the number of bags, date and the address from which they were collected.

Q: What is classed as Confidential Information and do we need to separate the paper?
A: Financial records, personnel files, customer information, sales enquiries, annual reports, sales/promotional material, banking information – any information that you would prefer others not to see. With Bailey Waste you do not need to separate the paper – all office paper, including window envelopes, brochures, papers & magazines, paper clips and staples can be put in the Bailey Waste bag for shredding.

Q: We have an in-house office shredder, so why would we outsource?
A: By shredding yourselves, you tie up your staff and resources, whereas our service is effectively free. We can also shred a much larger volume of material than a desk-type shredder, thereby making better use of your staff’s time. Also, because we shred everything, you do not have to spend time deciding what is or isn’t confidential. We also recycle all the shredded paper so are effectively offering a double service.

Q: Do you shred CDs, hard drives and other media?
A: Yes, we offer a full data destruction service. However, additional charges may apply for these materials.

Please contact us with any additional questions you might have about our services.