What we are

Bailey Waste is an established, trusted, local provider in the field of waste management. Based at large, modern premises in Craigavon we provide employment for over 40 people in the local area.

Our professional and approachable team enjoys an enduring reputation for quality, value and excellent service as demonstrated by our accreditations. The Bailey Waste team members are experts in the field of waste management, with proven knowledge and expertise alongside a notable client list that includes some of Ireland’s most respected organisations.

What we do

Bailey Waste provides a hassle-free solution to waste, including confidential waste. We enable organisations and individuals to dispose of all waste in an easy and efficient manner.

Due to our size and operational efficiency we provide unrivalled value with a clear focus on providing cost-effective and reliable solutions. Our expertise and infrastructure allows us to provide tailored and value orientated solutions for small firms and large organisations across all sectors.

We are massively (and proactively) environment-conscious. All of the waste that comes through Bailey Waste premises is sorted to enable the maximum amount possible to be recycled, so as a Bailey Waste customer you are doing your bit for the environment. Using Bailey Waste is part of any CSR strategy. We are committed to the development of awareness and knowledge of recycling issues and we regularly comment on developments in waste/environmental issues. We also support local communities and local business through a targeted and sustained set of corporate social responsibility initiatives (visit our News and Views page to find out more).

Bailey Waste is relevant to you and your organisation. Our view is that ‘Waste shouldn’t cost the Earth‘ and we are certain we can help you save time, save money and protect the environment. We will not tie you in to a long term contract so take a look at our Services to see how we can help you.