J.R. Bailey founded the company in 1940 Women sorting paper at the Smithfield premises in the early days Andrew Bailey, the current MD and the 3rd generation of the Bailey family at the helm The picking line at the modern premises in Craigavon

Who We Are

As the longest established independent waste management company in Ireland, we have an enduring reputation for quality and service.

In 1940, having lost his job due to wartime restriction on the supply of petrol, J R Bailey was wondering how he could earn a living to keep himself, his wife and four young children. The idea of becoming a waste paper merchant formed from a meeting with a man who expressed the view that waste paper would soon become a very necessary commodity as the war would mean that there would be a shortage of raw materials.

J R Bailey rented premises in Rutland Place in Dublin for £1.15s.00d per week and one of his first customers was the Bank of Ireland. The Smithfield Waste Paper Co. (which subsequently became J. R. Bailey Ltd) was formed and, whilst the name has changed again, the company has been involved in collecting, sorting and grading waste paper for over 70 years.

The current Managing Director of Bailey Waste, Andrew Bailey, is the grandson of the original founder and has been working with the company for over 30 years. He has led the transition from the pure focus on paper through to the broad suite of waste that is handled today. Andrew is proud of the fact that Bailey Waste has paved the way over the years, being the first company in Ireland to recycle scrap pallets and demolition timber and turn it in to wood chip.

Bailey Waste continues to develop new techniques and is always looking for ways to improve. The services offered now encompass full waste management solutions to include the processing of paper, plastics, timber and other dry recyclables. Of all the waste we handle only 4% ends up in landfill and the rest is recycled.