Mags 2 Riches

Mags 2 Riches Mags 2 Riches Mags 2 Riches Mags 2 Riches

Bailey Waste want to offer you the opportunity to participate in a project designed to improve the environment, promote recycling and generate funds for your school.

Bailey Waste is running a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative entitled “Mags 2 Riches”. The initiative provides pupils, their families, staff and the wider community the opportunity to raise valuable funds for the school whilst enabling everyone involved to do their bit for the environment.  In order to take part all the school needs to do is gather as many old newspapers and magazines as it can and Bailey Waste will visit your school at pre-arranged times throughout the school year to collect the recyclable paper material. In return we will make a donation to school funds, so the more paper material you collect, the more money we donate.

Why Should Your School Take Part?

  • A fantastic opportunity to raise money for school funds
  • Increase awareness of the importance of recycling in school
  • Assist with any Eco or Environmental Grant opportunities
  • Secure positive PR coverage for the school.

Mags 2 Riches is a great way to engage the support of the wider community. Get everyone involved!

We have limited spaces available for participation in the scheme so please advise within the next 7 days and I will arrange to visit either yourself or your nominee within the school.

Please also contact Bailey Waste for advice on any recycling issues or to hear about our Free Confidential Shredding Service.